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The Experience, Emeryville: Bay St Emeryville Copper & Malt

On June 11, 2024
The Experience: Flights of Wine + Chocolate anyone? Emeryville has its own Brewery – wonderful Wondrous Brewing and now, its own Wine Bar. Walk into newly opened Copper & Malt at Bay St and Somms (Sommeliers) will guide you through an extraordinary wine tasting that you can even pair with chocolate. And besides the wine bar in this shop, every spirit here has a story. “We like to tell the stories behind our wines and spirits,” says co-owner Ashley Sandhu. “Our Somms, each with 35 years’ experience, curated our wine experience with a mix of domestic and international wines.” Love the buttery chardonnays? They’ve got one for you. Don’t love the buttery chardonnays, they have a French chardonnay for you. And more. Shelves boast unique beers from around the globe. Grab a beer, come sit at the bar and explore that country. Look around and you will see that Copper & Malt is also a lovely gift shop. Something for everyone in your life. Artisan chocolates with single ingred>>Read more

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